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You wouldn’t dream of letting food past its best-before-date sit in your fridge, but have you thought about your software in the same way?

Because as odd a concept as it may seem, many programs and technologies used by businesses every day do have an expiry date. And it’s fast approaching.








Until your ticking timebomb software causes you problems. Don’t leave it to the last minute!

Who will this affect?

Potentially everyone, but more specifically companies of all sizes that use the following programs:

Windows Server 2008, Windows Small Business Server 2011, Exchange 2010, Windows 7 and Office 2010.

Some clues…

Windows Small Business Server 2011

Does your remote access look like this?

Best before: 14 January 2020

Exchange 2010

Does your webmail login look like this?

Best before: 14 January 2020

Windows 7

Is your Start button a round multi-coloured ball?

Best before: 14 January 2020

Office 2010

Is your icon brown (yellow) like the one above?

Best before: 13 October 2020

Sage Line 50

Latest version already doesn’t support some of the highlighted versions of Windows.

When will it happen?

In most cases 2020. Remember the frenzied hype surrounding the millennium bug? It’s a bit like that, in as much as the world won’t end, robots won’t take over your network and your computer won’t implode, but you really do need to be prepared ahead of time in order to avoid unnecessary costs and disruption to your business.

GDPR is probably the keyword you should have heard of and is one of the driving factors of this.

What action is needed?

If your company uses any of the programs on that list they need replacing or updating, which we can do for you. For some this will be simpler and faster than others, so do give your business plenty of time. If you’re unsure whether you’ll be affected or not, we can also find that out on your behalf

But if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Wrong. Your systems will still run past their best before date, but they are not secure.

If you don’t update your systems you leave your business open to an increased risk of hacking, and your programs will be unsupported – meaning they won’t be updated or fixed going forwards, and will become incompatible with other, more recent versions.

To avoid wasted time and money, businesses need to update to Office 365 or an equivalent, or look into replacement equipment. Talk to us to let us show you the best way forwards.

When you get in touch we can not only update your software, but also make your entire system run more smoothly.

The benefits of replacing or updating are:

  • A faster, simplified system that will increase productivity
  • Improved remote working access
  • Scalable technology
  • The opportunity to have a hosted system
  • Remaining GDPR compliant

Ready to schedule your 20-minute call?

Being proactive will save your business time, strife and money.

Book your call in now so we can have a chat before it is too late.